“A passion for the process of making is at the heart of what we do”

About us

Bronzecast was established in 2012 by Stephen Charnock. During the early days Stephen began working with fellow sculptor Rick Dickinson, and work began with us casting our own work. We now offer our casting services to other artists and designers throughout the UK.

From our workshops based in West Lancashire with over 2500 square feet of workshop space, we have the equipment and resources to handle the most challenging of projects.

Craftmanship and quality is at the heart of what we produce. Employing the ceramic shell lost wax casting method, we place great emphasis on working closely with all our clients to produce work of permanence and beauty. Close attention is always paid to faithfully recreating the original form and texture of original sculptures.

Bronzecast takes pride in collaborating with other specialist professions, especially when creating large scale art projects for public spaces where safety and durability are paramount.

Stephen Charnock

Over the last 23 years Stephen has successfully completed many large scale public art projects, private commissions and exhibitions for a wide range of clients. Foundry processes had always been an interest since casting aluminium components for an engineering project at secondary school. However, following a work placement at a foundry his passion for metal casting was confirmed.

In 2012 he decided to establish Bronzecast with the aims of providing an in house foundry so that he could have complete control of the process, quality and finish of his own artwork. The following years have seen a natural progression following this move was to offer this service to artists and makers based in the Northwest of England as well as throughout the UK.

Rick Dickinson

After completing a degree in fine art at Sheffield University in 2000, Rick has continued to explore different creative directions. From Landscape painting, printing, sculpture and furniture making, Rick has experimented with a diverse range of techniques and harnessed a wealth of skills.

He has permanent artworks on show throughout the UK, including a family of life size copper deer within a landscaped courtyard at Manchester Royal Eye hospital. He worked on this project in collaboration with a long time working partner Fergus Channon and a landscape architect.

Rick started working with the foundry in 2012, when he was involved in the casting of some bronzes for himself and other artists and has since become a regular member of the team.

Andy O’Boyle

Andy started working in the wax shop over 25 years ago at the Phoenix Foundry. He was trained in mould making, wax work and patina and has loved it ever since. He then spent 5 years working at Monument Foundry in Auckland N.Z. developing his skills and expertise on the other side of the world.

After moving back to the UK he became a teaching assistant in a junior school before turning his hands back to foundry work at Bronzecast. He enjoys all aspects of the foundry process as each sculpture we work on demands its own care and attention to detail from moulding and casting to the final patina. Working with an artist finalising the patina on their work is his favourite part of the process as it finalises all the effort made to produce the end sculpture.

His experience has covered a wide variety of scale – from small figurines to large equestrian sculptures.

Neil Warburton

Neil is creative designer with over 14 years experience working in a number of print houses and design agencies before setting up as a freelance creative in 2013 to pursue a more varied creative career.

His passion for harnessing technology and traditional methods to produce his work leads him to explore new techniques and materials to give his creative practices a wide range of solutions. He has a history working with sculptural mould making and casting, producing reproductions of sculptures and models for clients as well as personal projects.

 In addition to design and photography he also works within the fields of furniture making, product design, illustration and printmaking.

He initially joined the team at Bronzecast to create the website and branding for us. This soon became more than just a design based role as his past hands-on experience naturally lent itself to being utilised at the foundry. He now works a few days a week with us photographing work, mould making, casting and finishing bronzes and maintaining our website.