“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” – Scott Adams

Installed Old Man Sculpture at Irlam Station
Revealing the wax copy from the silicone mould
Final patinated and hung cross
Final mold ready for cleaning and a full wax copy.
Sculpting the central section of the cross
Finished Bronze Patinated Curlew By Jon Thompson
Detail of Bronze Curlew by Jon Thompson
A sculpture for Ali Hutchinson at the Tatton Park Flower Show
Replica Pharaoh of a Staffordshire Pottery piece for Alan Clay Johnson
Hilary Jack Turquoise Bag in a Tree Sculpture
Finished bronze resin sculpture for Tony Evans
Installing the sculpture on site
Memorial in its final location
Revealing first wax panel from the mold
Fitting laser cut lettering to the clay sculpt
Finished Bronze Patinated Curlew By Jon Thompson
Working on the start of silicone moulding
Pouring molten bronze into a ceramic mould
Alison Bell Bronze in finishing stages
Mould making Turquoise Bag in a Tree by Hilary Jack
Ceramic shells hanging in the studio
Chashing weld seams
Devesting a section of the cross
All panels and elements added to the sculpture.
Finished Bronze Patinated Curlew By Jon Thompson
Placing an ingot into the furnace
Glowing hot crucible
Welding and finishing stages after casting
Finished and mounted sculpture for Alison Bell
Cleaning up the finer details on a patched area
A section of cast bronze with ceramic shell still visible